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Hey Hey!

Like pronounced on twitter a few minutes ago, there will be the release of a new game, called Air Traffic Controller. And surprise surprise, your task is to guide planes in the air.

In this game you are an air traffic controller, not an artist drawing some stupid lines!

Here you don't have to draw a path which the planes will follow. You have to guide each plane in every second. Have a look at the speed and the height and guide the planes safely to the landing zone.
Tell them to increase or decrease speed and let them fly lower or higher. You have to stay concentrated, if not, planes could crash into another or on the ground if you don't look at their height.

Sounds easy and the first level is not challenging you? Try another level with some mountains or a higher difficulty mode. How much planes will you manage to land safely until something will happen? Or will nothing happen?! Only you will see.

Download it, try it and if you want, rate it or give me some feedback what you like or dislike.

Have fun! :)

Attached a little teaser picture. For screenshots visit us on Facebook
If you want to play, download it in the Android Market.

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