Maybe it will work this Weekend...

Two times I was announcing an update to the weekend, two times it came to late. Let's give it another try. I'm making good progress, so maybe(!) there will be an update this weekend.
There are several changes in the game. One of them are the emergencies, I announced a few days ago. Another thing, thats new and makes the game a little bit harder is the instant direction change. At the moment it's still possible to let a plane, which flies to the left, instantly fly to the right, without any "realistical" turn. With the update this will no longer be possible. When you plane is flying to the left and you want it to fly to the right, you first have to turn to the top or the bottom. Then, in the next step you can fly to the right. So you now need 2 steps to turn you plane around. 

At last I want to show some pictures of the warning signs for the emergencies. They should explain themselves, if not ask or wait for the update to get to know ;)

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