Too much ideas und not enough time...

It's a little bit sad, I've got too much ideas for games or software I want to develop for android, but I've got not enough time to do it.
I've got an idea for a game in the old egypt, you are the pharaoh and have to manage the building of your grave, which have to be bigger and better than that of your father. You had to manage how you treat the slaves, if you give them extra food rations (makes them happier but also slower) or if you punish them, which will increase there work speed for a while, but also increase there anger and decrease there health. Also you have to build your army to conquer your neighbors, to get more slaves for work or to get ressources. I think this will be one of the bigger things I will develop in the near future.
At the moment I'm on an update for Air Traffic Controller, which brings a new obstacle and with it some new levels. And if I could manage it to run, I want to integrate a share function for the overview of IZUware projects. So if you want (would be fantastic ^^) you could share the barcode or the link to the games at facebook.
Another thing I'm on is a little multiplayergame for 2 players connected with bluetooth. It's just a test, but ClickDown was also born as a test, so maybe this test/game will also be released.

We'll see what will happen :)

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