On the way to gold...

good news (mostly for me, but maybe some of you is also interested in). I'm taking the last steps to release my next game called "Maze". And it's, surprise surprise, a mazegame!
Yes it's nothing big but for me as a one-man-team, every release is a huge big thing :)

The game itself is simple, you are in a maze, you have to find the exit and on that way you'll find some keys. With this keys you can open the chests that are also hidden in the maze to gain points. To make it not too simple there is something that cuts your time that you've got to finish the maze. A candle. It's burning down and if the candle is down, you are in the dark and the game is lost. But don't worry, there can also candles be found in the maze, fantastic isn't it?

Most thing are already done, at the moment I'm integrating the different mazes, which will have a size of 10x10. To keep this simple and fast I created myself a leveleditor in LibreOffice.
This is how it looks:
Leveleditor in LibreOffice

At the moment I've inserted 27 different mazes, but there will be some more. If I finished this, the game will come to the betatest and when nothing strange happens, I will release it in the next days.

I'm curios how this game will be liked. My last one Halma, had a fantastic start, in the german PlayStore it was in the top ten of the charts in the new puzzle games. Since it's out there the downloads brake down, but I'm proud to have 3768 active device installs, 3612 of it are germans... Danke schön dafür :D

And now I have to insert more mazes! Stay tuned!

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