New Project: Hacker

As promised, here are some more informations about my current project, called 'Hacker'.

It's a multiplayer game for 2 Players, which are connected via bluetooth. Before the game starts, each one sets a password consisting of 6 numbers. The opponent has to find out this password to win the game.

To make this a little more difficult (and a little more like hacking (not real (I'm sure it's far away from real hacking))) every player has 10 ports. The opponent can only connect through one of these ports. Because it would be too easy to close all ports to be safe, there is a limitation of 6 simultaneously closed ports. The others are open. If the opponent makes it through one of it, you will get an alert, then you have to open some ports to close the others, to cut the connection between you and your opponent.
If the connection is set, the opponent have to find out your password. At the moment I've got no final idea how to realize it, at the moment it's a moving target on the screen, which you have to touch to get a number of the enemy password. With every number the target moves faster, but at the moment this method is to fast to finish, a game will be very short. But I have some other ideas in mind for it, let's see which will be implented in the final version.
If you or your opponent finds out the right password, it has to be entered and if it's right, the game is over and a special screen is displayed for the loser.

It's a simple game, but maybe a good boredom killer for a short time if a friend is near.

I hope to finish and release it in the next few days.

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