Favetris released

I'm happy to release a new game today and the special thing about it, I didn't pronounce it... so be calm, you don't missed something ;)

Favetris is a game inspired by Tetris and Columns, but it is in a huge way different. In fact, there are no shapes or columns falling down, it is a complete row. In this row are different colored stones. You can move the stones to the side, but not every single stone, the whole row will change the position. Thats makes it a bit harder to get combinations of stones to let them disappear.
But there are some things thats makes it a bit easier for you to play the game. To let stones disappear you don't need three stones in a row or column, it is also possible if the formation goes round a corner. For example two stones horizontally and one vertical, which looks similar like an "L", will also disappear.
In phase 1 of the game will always fall five rows down. Phase 1? Yes, the game consists of two phases. Phase 1 is called the dropping phase. Phase 2 is the move phase. After all five rows are fallen, you've got ten moves to rearrange the blocks to the side or up and down to change their positions and to build new formations to eliminate stones. Are these ten moves over, the game goes back to phase 1 and five new rows will falling down.

This game is easy to learn but hard to master. There is no time limit in phase 2, so you can make yourself an overview of the blocks and plan your next steps.

I hope you've got fun with it, when playing. Let me know if you've got problems oder questions.

You can download it on PlayStore.

Have a nice day! :)

P.S. the other games are still in development, don't worry the next release will come soon!

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