Working on an update? check!


I'm still working on an update for Air Traffic Controller, which brings it to Version 1.2.
It includes a better layout for smaller screens (in some cases admob was hovering over the controls so the game was unplayable). Or on bigger screens with a higher resolution the textsize will increase, so it should be easier to read the values of the planes.

Another bigger thing are the new random events. There will be some "emergency cases" you have to care about. While you have to guide the planes to the landing zone, it could happen that an emergency call arrives you, the pilot of a plane is sick and he can't fly the plane any more. So a civilian have to fly it. You will give the same commands to that plane than to the others, but because the civilian isn't a pilot and your tower has to explain every step, the action will take 2 ticks later than normal. So you have to plan wisely how you guide this plane, because a spontaneously change of the direction isn't possible. But that's only one of a few ideas I've got for the emergency cases. You'll find the rest out when the update is ready to download.

Stay tuned! :)

The Child's got a name!

Hey Hey!

Like pronounced on twitter a few minutes ago, there will be the release of a new game, called Air Traffic Controller. And surprise surprise, your task is to guide planes in the air.

In this game you are an air traffic controller, not an artist drawing some stupid lines!

Here you don't have to draw a path which the planes will follow. You have to guide each plane in every second. Have a look at the speed and the height and guide the planes safely to the landing zone.
Tell them to increase or decrease speed and let them fly lower or higher. You have to stay concentrated, if not, planes could crash into another or on the ground if you don't look at their height.

Sounds easy and the first level is not challenging you? Try another level with some mountains or a higher difficulty mode. How much planes will you manage to land safely until something will happen? Or will nothing happen?! Only you will see.

Download it, try it and if you want, rate it or give me some feedback what you like or dislike.

Have fun! :)

Attached a little teaser picture. For screenshots visit us on Facebook
If you want to play, download it in the Android Market.

a few days later...

Now, a few days after the first post on this website/blog, and a few hours of development later, one of the pictures in the first post isn't needed anymore. and it is.... .... .... .... .... .... THE YELLOW PLANE!
If somebody needs it, feel free to use it, I don't need it and it would be sad if it wouldn't be used anywhere.
So far the sad things, let's come to the good news: I want to present a new picture you will see in the game. I'm happy to introduce: the grey panel!
the grey panel
But wait! There is something more, one more picture to show, which will want you to have the damn game now ;)

Here it is: the grey panel with a white border!
the grey panel with a white border
Isn't this fantastic?!?! :D

More details about the game and maybe some more pictures will come in the next days, stay tuned!

IZUware - the Website/Blog

Hello World!

Since the beginning of IZUware on the 6th of December 2011 I was thinking about a cool homepage. There were a lot of plans and ideas, some of them very cool, some totally stupid. As you can see I've choosen nothing of both, I will use this blog as a homepage.
Here I can post statements about ideas for future games, or some news about reached milestone in games being developed.

And because this is the first post, I want to show some pictures of the game I'm currently working on, I hope to release it soon. I will tell later something more about it but for now, a few pictures has to be enough ;)

Oh, just discovered that there is a cut at the explosion... will fix that in the game ^^