Christmas is coming!

It's december, there is a little bit of snow lying on the ground and I'm hearing christmas songs. Yes, it's the best time of the year, it's christmas time :)

And that's the perfect time to release another game with the theme christmas (surprise surprise). It's called Santas Helper and it's again a very simple game. You are in front of the present machine, in the middle of it you'll get shown the next present. Then you have to click the right buttons for the present, the paper and the ribbon for it. Did you click all three of them, the present is falling down in the bag of Santa.
You've got one minute to reach a new highscore, for every right present  falling in the bag you get an exta second. So be fast to get more time ;)

And now have a wonderfull time and don't forget to buy or (better!) tinker presents for all you love :)