Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

That's it, this year is nearly over, only a few days left.

This was an interesting year for me, the best game, I've released this year was Wheel of Fate. The game I worked most on was The Quest: 50 Dungeons.
I'm very proud on these apps, and I hope to have next year more time again to create more apps.

I wish you a very merry christmas and happy holidays! :)

Glücksrad + English = Wheel of Fate

I've just released an update to my app "Glücksrad". It now supports english language, so a lot more people out there should be able to play it.
To let them know this, I'm starting a little contest. There is a posting on my facebook site, everybody who shares this, has the chance to win a cup with the IZUware logo on it. If you want to take part, feel free to do this! :)

Release of The Quest: 50 Dungeons

Deutsche Version weiter unten

The Quest is difficult to describe. It's a little bit of Adventure, a little bit of RPG, a little bit of Reflexgame and a little bit of a barcodescanner. It's a soup where from everything is a little inside... one moment... barcodescanner?! Yes, but one more sentence.

It's your goal to reach the 50th dungeon and to defeat every opponent on your way down. Your enemies got 4 actions, normal attacks, poison or they can paralyze you. You on your side can have 8 actions, But you start with only 5 very weak actions. And thats the point where the barcodescanner is needed. Scan barcodes with your camera and discover what actions hide behind the barcodes in your surrounding. Collect strong actions and defeat your enemies. Where else can flour be a poisoned attack?! Try it by yourself and collect the strongest actions to reach the 50th dungeon.

Download it here:

The Quest ist schwer einzuordnen. Ein bisschen Adventure, ein bisschen RPG, ein bisschen Reflexspiel und ein Barcodescanner. Irgendwie ist von jedem etwas dabei... Moment... Barcodescanner?! Ja, aber dazu gleich mehr.

Dein Ziel ist es 50 Dungeons mit Gegnern zu überstehen. Diese haben jeweils 4 Angriffe, diese reichen von normalen Attacken über Vergiftung bis hin zur Lähmung. Du kannst im Gegensatz dazu 8 Aktionen ins Feld führen, doch startest du nur mit 5 einfachen, nicht sehr schlagkräftigen Aktionen. Und hier kommt der Barcodescanner ins Spiel: Scanne mit der Handykamera Barcodes die du überall in deiner Umgebung finden kannst und verwandle sie in Aktionen. Sammle auf diese Weise schlagkräftige Aktionen und besiege mit Ihnen deine Feinde. Wo sonst kann eine Packung Mehl zu einem Giftangriff werden? Probiere es einfach selbst aus und lass dich überraschen welche Aktionen sich in welchen Gegenständen um dich herum befinden.

Ladet es euch hier herunter:

2 Months since the last Post...

... thats a very long time. In this time I was working on a new game thats actually in the phase of balancing. In my head it was great and very addicting, but at the moment I'm not so sure if there's anybody out there who want to play it... :/

I'll playing with some settings, change something here and there and I hope at the end there will be a glimpse of fun... would be too sad to work 2 months on it and then to cancel it :(

Glücksrad - Vollversion veröffentlicht

soeben habe ich die Vollversion von Glücksrad hochgeladen. Sie sollte in den nächsten Stunden in Google Play unter folgendem Link zu Verfügung stehen: Glücksrad - Vollversion
Die App kostet 0,79€, sollte euch also die Werbung stören, ihr wollt mit bis zu vier Spielern spielen oder aber auch mal acht Runden am Stück spielen, schlagt zu :)
Neue Wörter sind ebenfalls enthalten und in der nächsten Zeit sollen noch mehr dazukommen.

Ich hoffe demnächst die englische Version veröffentlichen zu können und natürlich auch, dass euch das Spiel weiterhin gefällt und ihr Spaß damit habt!

Bis denn

Release Glücksrad

dieser Eintrag wird ein deutscher, denn das Spiel welches ich soeben veröffentlicht habe, ist auf deutsch und hört auf den Namen Glücksrad.
Der Begriff bzw die Spielshow dahinter sollte den meisten ein Begriff sein. Das Spiel basiert auf der Spielshow, es gilt einen Geldwert zu erdrehen und richtige Buchstaben auf der Wand zu erraten um dann das Wort zu lösen und zu gewinnen.

Das Spiel ist kostenlos (die Version ist in den Optionen etwas eingeschränkt) und in Google Play auffindbar.

Bitte gebt mir Feedback falls ihr Fehler oder Anregungen habt, danke :)

P.S. The english version will follow in a few days :)


Release, the last for a long time?!


today I released Hexa-Decrease, a little puzzle game. It's quite simple, you've got a lot of hexagon fields with numbers on it. Tap on one and the number on the tapped field and the numbers on all connected fields decrease by one. The difficult thing is, if theres a zero on the tapped field or on a field connected to the tapped field, it will not work.

I don't know when and if I'll release a new game in future, because I had to force me to finish this game. I've got less time to code and because of this it's difficult to stay motivated :/

Let's see what the future brings...

A game with moving graphics...


I'm happy to release a new game, called "Stick Runner". Although it's more a test than a game.
I was playing with hardware accelerated graphics and for testing and learning I've build a little jump&run game with a stickman.
It's quite simple, the stickman runs on it's own, the players task is to avoid the obstacles by sliding or jumping. To jump the player have to tap on the upper half of the screen, to slide on the lower half.

If you want to test it, please report if you've got issues or problems with it, so I can find the problem to fix it.
Thanks in advance! :)

Oops, I did it again...

There are thousands of new apps every day released in Google Play. And I'm doing my best to raise this number. So today I release a new game called Color Jumper.

Your task:
Click on the colors in the given order. If a color is clicked, it's glowing and can't used again.
Start with blue, followed by yellow, green, magenta and red. Then it starts again with blue.

The special thing is, the next color has to be in the same row or column and is max 2 fields
away from the last color. That means you can jump over another field (for example step 1 to 2, 5 to 6 or 8 to 9), or you have to use the colored field next to the last color.

If every field is glowing you've finished the level.

Good luck and have fun!

Update and two releases...

Hello everybody,
some of you might be noticed, that there were something new that I didn't published here. Sorry for that :)

In the past few days I released a new update for Favetris. I added a new game mode, called survival. This mode is similar to phase 2 of the normal game. You can change the gravity and decide in which direction the whole stones will fall. But the difficulty in this mode is, you've got only five turns, and then new stones will appear randomly on the field. And the number of it is increased everytime by one. So the end of the game is unevitable. The only thing you can do is to let as much stones as possible disappear to gain a higher score.

Beside this, I released two new games. The first one is called WordShuffle. It is less a game than more an instrument to play with. The real game are you playing with your friends. Invite them, give everybody a sheet of paper and everybody has to find as much words as possible. If you are not sure about a word, just tap on the letters and google it from within the game. You make the rules, for example how long a round would be or what the size of the field of letters is. Try it and play a game like our parents did it in the past, together with friends in real life on a table :)

The other game I released is Glow Code. It's inspired by the game minesweeper. you've got 25 stones with numbers from zero to four on it, surrounded by little lights on each corner of the stone. The number on the stones shows you how much lights, that are connected to the stone have to glow to solve the puzzle. The difficulty thing on this game is, the stones share the lights to each other. So one light can be connected up to four stones. That makes it easy to learn but hard to master. for the first rounds I would recommend you to put the optical hints on, so the stone will change it's color if the right number of lights are glowing. In later rounds, when you learned how the game works, put it off to increase the difficulty level.

I would be happy if I could get some feedback about the games, if you've got problems or hints for improvements. Just mail me: 

Thanks in advance and have fun trying the games :)

Favetris released

I'm happy to release a new game today and the special thing about it, I didn't pronounce it... so be calm, you don't missed something ;)

Favetris is a game inspired by Tetris and Columns, but it is in a huge way different. In fact, there are no shapes or columns falling down, it is a complete row. In this row are different colored stones. You can move the stones to the side, but not every single stone, the whole row will change the position. Thats makes it a bit harder to get combinations of stones to let them disappear.
But there are some things thats makes it a bit easier for you to play the game. To let stones disappear you don't need three stones in a row or column, it is also possible if the formation goes round a corner. For example two stones horizontally and one vertical, which looks similar like an "L", will also disappear.
In phase 1 of the game will always fall five rows down. Phase 1? Yes, the game consists of two phases. Phase 1 is called the dropping phase. Phase 2 is the move phase. After all five rows are fallen, you've got ten moves to rearrange the blocks to the side or up and down to change their positions and to build new formations to eliminate stones. Are these ten moves over, the game goes back to phase 1 and five new rows will falling down.

This game is easy to learn but hard to master. There is no time limit in phase 2, so you can make yourself an overview of the blocks and plan your next steps.

I hope you've got fun with it, when playing. Let me know if you've got problems oder questions.

You can download it on PlayStore.

Have a nice day! :)

P.S. the other games are still in development, don't worry the next release will come soon!

New Project: Hacker

As promised, here are some more informations about my current project, called 'Hacker'.

It's a multiplayer game for 2 Players, which are connected via bluetooth. Before the game starts, each one sets a password consisting of 6 numbers. The opponent has to find out this password to win the game.

To make this a little more difficult (and a little more like hacking (not real (I'm sure it's far away from real hacking))) every player has 10 ports. The opponent can only connect through one of these ports. Because it would be too easy to close all ports to be safe, there is a limitation of 6 simultaneously closed ports. The others are open. If the opponent makes it through one of it, you will get an alert, then you have to open some ports to close the others, to cut the connection between you and your opponent.
If the connection is set, the opponent have to find out your password. At the moment I've got no final idea how to realize it, at the moment it's a moving target on the screen, which you have to touch to get a number of the enemy password. With every number the target moves faster, but at the moment this method is to fast to finish, a game will be very short. But I have some other ideas in mind for it, let's see which will be implented in the final version.
If you or your opponent finds out the right password, it has to be entered and if it's right, the game is over and a special screen is displayed for the loser.

It's a simple game, but maybe a good boredom killer for a short time if a friend is near.

I hope to finish and release it in the next few days.

Merry christmas and a happy new year :D

Yes, I know it's a little bit late, but I changed some things in my privat life.
But that don't keep me away from coding.Actually I've got 2 games that I hope to release soon. And both are multiplayer games (for 2 players).
One is a remake of an old DOS game, it's designed for tablets only, because both players use the screen at the same time and on a smaller display from a phone everything will be too small.
The other game is called 'Hacker' and it's played via bluetooth. I will post more of it when I tested it enough to think it is worth to tell more about it. I think I will know more after the weekend, when I forced my friends to test it with me.

See you next week!