Side-Project: Halma

Hey, I'm still testing Kingdom Heroes, I've got some problems balancing the values for heroes and dungeons, but I hope it will done in the next days.

A few days ago my sister asked me to develop a little halma game. And because she was asking me a lot if I finished it (until today I hadn't even start with it), I'm happy to release V 1.0 of Halma.
You can find it in Google Play.

Have fun with this little game :)

Let me show...

...the inner castle
That's another picture of the game. It's the inner castle.
You can see the tavern at the bottom, the place where you can hire experienced heroes. At the right sight is the wizards tower. In there your heroes can train their magic abilities. But you can also brew some potions, which will help your heroes in the dungeons.
At the left is the barrack, the right place to train the strength. The archery at the top of the picture is also for training, and guess for what... for dexterity ;)
Every of these buildings can (and should) be upgraded to provide better results in training.

The gate on the top guides you to the castle, where you can hire unexperienced heroes from your soldiers. The advantages of these are, that you can determine what class they should be (warrior, archer or wizard), they didn't cost anything and you can customize their equipment, which is not possible for heroes you hire in the tavern, which are like mercenaries. And yes, you have to pay them every day, and the better they get, the more expensive they are.

Let me introduce...

...the consultant
The consultant is a very important person if you play the game the first time. He will show you what todo, how everything is working and gives you informations about the past and the background story. He is old and wise, he was the consultant of the former king, your father, and knows a lot about the things that happens in the time when your father ruled the kingdom.

Let me introduce...

...the king
That's the king, ruler of the kingdom in which the game takes place. This kingdom is not very large... I would say it's very small, about the size of a screen ;)
His father was a wise man who made some good decisions in the past. At least they look wise at that time. Today his past decisions will cause some trouble four you. Yes, i said for you, because you will be the king. But what is the trouble you will have? This information is revealed in the next days.

I can see light at the end of the tunnel...

...and I hope that's not the train!

Yes, I can't believe it by myself, but it seems that I can really finish the project. The important things are implented and are working.
The next tasks to do are the graphics (a lot to do :/ ), some fine-tuning, like the size and position of the windows and very important: testing, testing, testing.

Attached a little graphic with the title of the game. From now on I will post more frequently what progress I do :)