2,073 active device installs...


I'm happy and very proud to announce that my last game Halma reached 2000 active device installs. I don't know how much of you are using the game often than once, but for me this is a fantastic number and I'm curios how numbers will become in the next days/weeks.

At the moment I paused the working on Kingdom Heroes, I'm stuck and need a little time-out from it. But I'm not lazy, currently I'm working on a little maze-game. Most things are already done, at the moment I have to work on graphics and some coding, because there are sometimes mistakes in displaying the graphics.

If the game will works half as good as Halma, I would be the happiest person on earth ^^

So I want to say thank you again and I hope you all have a great week!

Halma V1.3 released

Hey hey,
because Halma seems to be well accepted out there, I was working the last day's on it. Today I released version 1.3, which brings a mainmenu (yes I know, it's a world changing innovation), new skins for the stones (another milestone, you're right) and a puzzle mode.
The puzzle mode is random based. This means, there are no saved puzzles to solve, it works with a seed number, from which the puzzle is generated. Because this, the user's got the chance to enter the seed manually, so it is possible that different users can solve the same puzzle.
From now on, there a two different versions available. The free version (width ads) is where the puzzle mode is a little bit reduced. This means, that every day a new puzzle is generated, but the user's got not the option to enter a seed manually. This will only work in the paid version (where the puzzleboardsize can be up to 7 rows/columns (in the free version it's limited to 5 rows/columns)).

I hope everything works fine, if not I would be happy if you could send me an E-Mail to SG@IZUware.com

Have fun if you're playing it :)