Don't have to work...

...but nevertheless working.
Since a few days I've got holiday. And what am I doing? Sitting the hole day in front of the computer programming my next game, with the only wish in my head, to finish it before my holiday is over.
So far I'm making some huge steps, what slows me down are the graphics. I'm not good at it, which means that it cost a lot of time and at the end at most cases I'm not satisfied. But I try my best and when the game is released, maybe I've got some more time to optimize the graphics.
Attached you'll find a graphic of a tavern. At the moment I like it, so far it's the best result I achieved in my graphical experiments. The most difficult thing is to reach the same graphic style in the other buildings... this will cost a lot of additional time :/

Still alive... and working!

It's passed a long time since my last post, nearly 2 months :/ Sorry for that! But I was not lazy in this time, a few weeks ago I published my last app, the first one that is not mentioned to play with. It's a finance app and it's called Financial Overview. A small and simple app to keep the overview on your finances. You can add your revenue and expenditure and the app shows you how much money you have left to spend. Also this is my first app with a widget. With the help of this you've got the overview on your homescreen and can add simple and fast new entries to the app.

At the moment I'm working on a new game. Because it's an early alpha there's nothing to show, except of a few drawings I've done for some graphics. I hope to reach some higher graphic standard as in my last game Air Traffic Controller. Shouldn't be difficult, but I also want some better User Reviews. At the moment there voted 10 users for the app and I've got an average rating of 1,7 stars from 5... thats a little bit disappointing. But maybe the next game will be better. In my dreams it will have got the same average rating like ClickDown: 5 of 5 stars... but I hope with some more people voting for it instead of only 2 ;D.

So let's see what the future will bring... at the moment it's bringing you a scan of my drawings ^^