Hire, Fire, look at the Equipment...

Surprise surprise, I'm alive.
After one week of biking and sleeping under the sky I'm in front of the PC again. Unfortunately I have to realise that I will never manage it, to finish the game in this week :(
There is too much to do, and I don't think about the graphics when I write this.

At the moment I'm fixing some small bugs I integrated and plan what is important to do next. What is ready so far is to upgrade important buildings like the barracks, archery, wizardtower or the castle, to hire and fire heroes and to have a look at their equipment, which consists of a weapon, armor for the head, body and feet and an amulet and 2 rings. The normal warrior will also have the chance to wear a shield.

The next thing I do will be the first dungeon to visit. When I've done this, the inventory, items, quests, training and more will follow. But this will take some time. Because of this I'm thinking about an alpha release of the game. So some more people will recognize the game, I'll get hints and proposals for the game and a fast bug reporting.
I'm not sure what to do, maybe I know it when this week is over. Depends on how far I come with the game... we'll see.

And now, back to work!