I'm alive!!!

Hello Hello Hello...

Unbelievable, so much time is over since my last post... and much more time since my last release.
I'm still working on a game, it's not that huge, but I don't find much time for coding and doing the graphics.
In december I bought myself a laptop, to do something while I was in the train, going to work. It was helpful, but there's a lot stuff to do... mostly the graphics :/

Here is a little example picture I was doing.

In the game you have to build your own village, with a lot of buildings that are producing things you need to build other buildings and to settle down better villagers to earn more money and so on...

I hope to make bigger steps in the near future and to post more regular... wish me luck :)

BTW: I start a new contest on facebook. The normal one, like and share to get the chance of winning something. I hope to get some more fans for my facebook page. I would be happy if you would join it.


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